Eco-friendly Fertilizer

Only the best for your crops


GreenF is a high technology company that offers organic fertilizers for greenhouses and
gardeners. We do this by designing fertilizer solutions for each vegetable producer,
based on their irrigation and fertilization systems.
The liquid fertilizers we have are 100% organic, produced in Denmark and
authorized by the Danish authorities.

  • N-fertilizer (good for pH regulation)
  • P-fertilizer
  • K-fertilizer
  • Micronutrents

All products are made from 100% organic plants.
As the fertilizers are liquid, they can be fed to the plants with high accuracy through the
irrigation system and save labor, compared to manual distribution of fertilizer.
We would like to visit you and look at possible solutions for you.
Can be used for greenhouses and open fields, in drip watering hoses and other irrigation
By using GreenF’s liquid fertilizers, the plants get a stable and safe supply of nutrients.
It’s easy to use, you just add it to the irrigation system.
Our liquid products are delivered in pallet tanks and road tankers.

The nutrients are given in kg per ton.
These fertilizers are filtered and can be used in all types of irrigation systems.

GreenF HB-N- drip  5 – 1 - 3 NPK Pallet tank drip irrigation/open fields     organic
HB N-drip is a fertilizer with a variety of nutrients and low chloride content.
It makes it suitable for all pots, even small pots. 
The pH of this fertilizer is about 4,8-5,2 and stabilizes the pH of the growth medium.


PPM tot.N Nh4 B Ca Cl Fe K Cu led Mg Mn Mo NA pH P S Zn
GreenF HB-dryp 5010 1100 1,02 210 101 13 3037 0,52 7,8 280 3,2 0 53 4,6 1120 190 1


GreenF N- drip  3 – 0,4 - 3 NPK Pallet tank drip irrigation/open fields     organic
N-drip is our well-know fertilizer containing a wide range of nutrients and it is good for PH
regultation, pH is aubot 5,5
This fertilizer is used where the plants also need potassium.


PPM tot.N Nh4 B Ca Cl Fe K Cu led Mg Mn Mo NA pH P S Zn
GreenF dryp 3005 820 0,25 297 423 31,25 3081 0,06 11,5 152 4,15 0 31 5,1 230 210 1,15